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#backstageButton {display:none; position:absolute; z-index:175; top:0; right:0;}
#backstageButton a {padding:0.1em 0.4em; margin:0.1em;}
#backstage {position:relative; width:100%; z-index:50;}
#backstagePanel {display:none; z-index:100; position:absolute; width:90%; margin-left:3em; padding:1em;}
.backstagePanelFooter {padding-top:0.2em; float:right;}
.backstagePanelFooter a {padding:0.2em 0.4em;}
#backstageCloak {display:none; z-index:20; position:absolute; width:100%; height:100px;}

.whenBackstage {display:none;}
.backstageVisible .whenBackstage {display:block;}
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!!Contact info
71 rue Froidevaux
75014 Paris, France
+33 (0)

My [[LinkedIn|http://www.linkedin.com/in/lacroixbenoit]] and [[Viadeo|http://www.viadeo.com/fr/profile/benoit.lacroix1]] profiles:

<a href='http://www.linkedin.com/in/lacroixbenoit' rel='nofollow'><img src='images/logo_linkedin.png' alt='LinkedIn' style='margin-right: 50px'/></a>
<a href='http://www.viadeo.com/fr/profile/benoit.lacroix1' rel='nofollow'><img src='images/logo_viadeo.gif' alt='Viadeo'/></a>
!! Context

!! Issues

!! Results

!! Related publications
!! Context

Buildings design takes great advantages of simulation, for instance to improve fire safety or optimize the space. Initiated with [[Alstom|http://www.alstom.com]] for the design of underground trains, the objective of this project was to simulate pedestrians in crowded areas, taking into account individual characteristics such as speed or body type. It took place in 2006 in the [[Multi-Agents Systems and Behavior Team|http://www.lifl.fr/SMAC/]] of the [[Computer Science Laboratory of Lille|http://www.lifl.fr]].

[img(22%, )[Example of a simulated crowd in a subway station|images/misc_station_1.png][images/misc_station_1.png]] [img(22%, )[Example of a simulated crowd in a subway station|images/misc_station_2.png][images/misc_station_2.png]] 

!! Issues

Our objective was to simulate pedestrians displacement through complex environments.The objective was to reproduce real world situations, not to obtain the most realistic appearance. Three  main issues were thus considered:
# space management: pedestrians and environment representation, displacement models
# time management: scheduling, waiting queues
# and simulation validation: confronting the simulation results with reality, at the macroscopic leve (flows at entrances or exits, statistic distributions) and at the microscopic level (individual behaviors)

!! Results

[>img(40%, )[The MISC platform: simulated crowd in a corridor|images/misc_corridor.png][images/misc_corridor.png]] The work led to the development of the MISC platform (for “Modeling of Individuals in Spatialy Constrained environments”). MISC allows simulating agents, here pedestrians, in complex environments. 

The agents use collision algorithms, and autonomously adjust their movements according to their individual characteristics and limited perceptions. Our approach use the notion of agents' generators. Those generators create various agents' at specified intervals and frequency, and assign them global objectives and individual characteristics. 

One of the hard issues considered in the project was to allow agents to switch their displacement model at runtime, so as to handle point-to-point displacement as well as queuing at a ticket distributor. The displacement model is based on the concept of blurred path following, coupled to a model of waiting queues. An agent is thus able to move halfway to its final goal, wait a few minutes, and then complete its journey. 

Finally, validation is based on flow measurements, the next objective being the integration of individual behavior and valication with real data.

!! Related publications

Lacroix, B., Mathieu, P., & Picault, S. (2006). [[Time and Space Management in Crowd Simulations.|papers/crowd_simulation_esm06_lacroix.pdf]] In Proceedings of the European Simulation and Modelling Conference, pp. 315-320, Toulouse, France. //(also available: [[bibtex|papers/crowd_simulation_esm06_lacroix.bib]])//

//In french:// Lacroix, B. (2006). [[La gestion du temps et de l'espace dans les simulations de foules.|papers/gestion_temps_espace_simulations_foules_lacroix_06.pdf]] Master's thesis report, University of Lille, France. //(also available: [[presentation|papers/gestion_temps_espace_simulations_foules_slides_lacroix_06.pdf]])//
!!~PhD in Computer Science, University of Lille, 2009

__Dissertation:__ Norms to increase variety? Behavioral differentiation using norms, and its application to traffic in driving simulators 

__Advisors:__ [[Andras Kemeny|http://www.experts.renault.com/kemeny/expert/index.html]] (RENAULT) and [[Philippe Mathieu|http://www.lifl.fr/~mathieu/]] (Computer Science Laboratory of Lille)

More on [[the project|TrafficSimulation]], and on my [[work at RENAULT|WorkExperiences]]. See also the [[PhD subject|http://www.experts.renault.com/kemeny/phds/benoit_lacroix/index.html]].

During these 3 years I followed different courses, including:
* various management courses: negociation, industrial property, oral presentation, efficiency in meetings (1 to 3 days each),
* a business creation summer school (one-week full time, 5 persons group): from the innovative idea to the business plan creation. Presented the business plan in front of a professionals' panel,
* the European Agents Systems Summer School (one-week full time, 2008).

!!M.S. in Engineering, Ecole Centrale de Lille, 2006
 (Ingénieur de l'[[Ecole Centrale de Lille|http://www.ec-lille.fr/]], in the top 12 of engineering graduate schools in France)

__General education phase (2 years):__ focused on multidisciplinary in-depth scientific education and leadership training, including production systems, electronics, mechanics, electricity, economy & business development

__Specialization training phase (1 year):__ majored in Software Engineering

__Gap year internship (1 year):__ Software Engineer at AUCHAN (see [[Work Experiences|WorkExperiences]])

__Group project:__ innovative project (2 years, 5 persons) to design and develop  an automated measurement system based on sound transductors for the [[FFPJP|http://www.ffpjp.info/]]. Presented the results in front of a panel of professors and professionals.

!!M.S. in Computer Science, University of Lille, 2006

Majored in artificial intelligence and data mining. 

__Advanced specialization courses:__ data mining, automated learning, clustering, artificial intelligence, modal logic, bioinformatics (see the [[M.S. content|http://www.lifl.fr/LIFL1/formations/dea.html]])

__Group project:__ scientific project (4 months, 2 persons): simulation and evaluation of the Google pagerank algorithm. Realisation: development of a simulation tool allowing the evaluation of ranking strategies (Java) . 

In buildings, the thermal functions of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and domestic hot water production are often interdependent. Additionally, it is more and more complex to control them, given the increasing use of alternative energy sources, such as solar thermal collectors or heat pumps. In this project, we elaborated an approach allowing to design and optimize the control of thermal systems in the buildings, while improving flexibility and reusability.


The details of the proposed solution are still confidential. They will be published mid-2012, after patent application has been filled.

[>img(, )[The prototype compact unit controlled using the proposed approach|images/prototype_compact_unit.png]]The approach was used to control a compact unit providing heating, ventilation and domestic hot water production in a low-energy building. The system was evaluated using a thermal simulator, and managed to improve the thermal comfort by 35% compared to the initial control system, for only a 2.5% increase in costs. The approach will soon be evaluated on a physical test bench to validate these results in experimental conditions.

!!Related publications

Patent pending.

Lacroix B., Paulus C., & Mercier D. (2012). ~Multi-Agent Control of Thermal Systems in Buildings. Submitted to Agent Technologies in Energy Systems (ATES@AAMAS'12).
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about me
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about my work
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[[Traffic Simulation|TrafficSimulation]]
[[Crowds Simulation|CrowdsSimulation]]

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This is a brief summary of my background. You will find here my full [[resume|cv/cv_benoit_lacroix_en.pdf]] in pdf ([[here|cv/cv_benoit_lacroix_fr.pdf]] is a French version).
!!Key strengths
* Passionate about clean energies and socially focused approaches
* Self-motivated and autonomous
* Innovative thinker, results-driven
* Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
* Artificial intelligence expert with industrial and research background
!!Experience summary
* 2010 - 2012: Technical project leader in renewable energies at [[CEA|http://www.cea.fr/english_portal]] (French Atomic and Alternative Energy Research Center, 1.5 years)
* 2006 - 2009: Applied research engineer at [[RENAULT|http://www.renault.com]] (automotive industry, 3 years)
* 2006: Research engineer in artificial intelligence at the [[Computer Science Laboratory of Lille|http://www.lifl.fr/]], in collaboration with [[ALSTOM|http://www.alstom.com]] (research laboratory & transportation industry, 6 months)
* 2004 - 2005: Software engineer at [[AUCHAN|http://www.auchan.com]] (retail, 1 year 1 month)
* Ph.D. in Computer Science, [[University of Lille|http://www.univ-lille1.fr]], France, 2009 (in collaboration with [[RENAULT|http://www.renault.com]])
* Master's Degree in Engineering, [[Ecole Centrale de Lille|http://www.ec-lille.fr/]] Graduate School, France, 2006 (in the top 12 of engineering graduate schools in France). In depth scientific curriculum, incl. production systems, electronics, mechanics and electricity. Majored in software engineering.
* Master's Degree in Computer Science, [[University of Lille|http://www.univ-lille1.fr]], France, 2006. Majored in artificial intelligence and data mining.
!!Contact info
71 rue Froidevaux
75014 Paris, France
+33 (0)

My [[LinkedIn|http://www.linkedin.com/in/lacroixbenoit]] and [[Viadeo|http://www.viadeo.com/fr/profile/benoit.lacroix1]] profiles. Please feel free to contact me directly!

<a href='http://www.linkedin.com/in/lacroixbenoit' rel='nofollow'><img src='images/logo_linkedin.png' alt='LinkedIn' style='margin-right: 50px'/></a>
<a href='http://www.viadeo.com/fr/profile/benoit.lacroix1' rel='nofollow'><img src='images/logo_viadeo.gif' alt='Viadeo'/></a>
A list of my published paper. Still under work, of course!

!! International Journals

Lacroix B., Mathieu P. & Kemeny A. Formalizing the Construction of Populations in ~Multi-Agent Simulations. To appear in Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence. //(accepted)//

!! Peer reviewed international conference proceedings

Lacroix B., Paulus C., & Mercier D. (2012). ~Multi-Agent Control of Thermal Systems in Buildings. In Proceedings of Agent Technologies in Energy Systems (ATES@AAMAS'12), Valencia, Spain.

Lacroix B. & Mathieu M. (2012). [[Automated Generation of Various and Consistent Populations in Multi-Agent Simulations|papers/automated_population_paams-12_lacroix.pdf]]. In: Demazeau, Y., Muller, J., Corchado, J., & Bajo, J. (Eds.), 10th International Conference on Practical Applications of Agents and ~Multi-Agent Systems. Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing, vol. 155, pp. 127-137. //(also available: [[presentation|papers/automated_population_paams-12_slides_lacroix.pdf]], [[paper on SpringerLink|http://www.springerlink.com/content/m10hw83678h20364/]])//

Lacroix B., Mathieu M., & Kemeny A. (2009). [[Generating Various and Consistent Behaviors in Simulations.|papers/generating_behaviors_paams09_lacroix.pdf]] In: Demazeau, Y., Pavon, J., Corchado, J., & Bajo, J. (Eds.), 7th International Conference on Practical Applications of Agents and ~Multi-Agent Systems. Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing, vol. 55, pp. 110-119, Springer. //(also available: [[presentation|papers/generating_behaviors_paams09_slides_lacroix.pdf]], [[bibtex|papers/generating_behaviors_paams09_lacroix.bib]] and [[paper on SpringerLink|http://www.springerlink.com/content/m0q2644428817723/]])//

Lacroix B., Rouelle V., Kemeny A., Mathieu P., Laurent N., Millet G., & Gallee G. (2009). [[Informal Rules for Autonomous Vehicles in SCANeR.|papers/informal_rules_dsc09_lacroix.pdf]] In Proceedings of the Driving Simulation Conference, pp. 58-69, Monaco. //(also available: [[presentation|papers/informal_rules_dsc09_slides_lacroix.pdf]] and [[bibtex|papers/informal_rules_dsc09_lacroix.bib]])//

Lacroix, B., Mathieu, P., & Kemeny, A. (2009). [[The Use of Norms Violations to Model Agents Behavioral Variety.|papers/norms_violations_coin-lncs-09_lacroix.pdf]] In: Hubner, J.F., Matson, E., Boissier, O., & Dignum, V. (Eds.), Coordination, Organizations, Institutions and Norms in Agent Systems IV. LNCS, vol. 5428, pp. 220-234, Springer. //(also available: [[bibtex|papers/norms_violations_coin-lncs-09_lacroix.bib]] and [[paper on SpringerLink|http://www.springerlink.com/content/327t8w68q00470u3/]])//

Lacroix, B., Mathieu, P., & Kemeny, A. (2008). [[A Normative Model for Behavioral Differentiation.|papers/normative_model_iat08_lacroix.pdf]] In Proceedings of the IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Intelligent Agent Technology, pp. 96-99, Sydney, Australia. //(also available: [[presentation|papers/normative_model_iat_08_slides_lacroix.pdf]], [[bibtex|papers/normative_model_iat_08_lacroix.bib]] and [[paper on IEEE Xplore|http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/arnumber=4740604]])//

Lacroix, B., Mathieu, P., Rouelle, V., Chaplier, J., Gallée, G., & Kemeny, A. (2007). [[Towards Traffic Generation with Individual Driver Behavior Model Based Vehicles.|papers/traffic_generation_dsc-na07_lacroix.pdf]] In Proceedings of the Driving Simulation Conference North America, pp. 144-154, Iowa City, USA. //(also available: [[presentation|papers/traffic_generation_dsc-na07_slides_lacroix.pdf]] and [[bibtex|papers/traffic_generation_dsc-na07_lacroix.bib]])//

Lacroix, B., Mathieu, P., & Picault, S. (2006). [[Time and Space Management in Crowd Simulations.|papers/crowd_simulation_esm06_lacroix.pdf]] In Proceedings of the European Simulation and Modelling Conference, pp. 315-320, Toulouse, France. //(also available: [[bibtex|papers/crowd_simulation_esm06_lacroix.bib]])//

!! Peer reviewed national conference proceedings

Lacroix, B., Mathieu, P. & Picault, S. (2006). [[Une gestion réaliste du temps et de l'espace dans les simulations de foules.|papers/simulation_foule_jfsma06_lacroix.pdf]] Actes des 14èmes Journées Francophones sur les Systèmes ~Multi-Agents (JFSMA'06), pp. 77-80, Annecy, France. //(also available: [[presentation|papers/simulation_foule_jfsma06_slides_lacroix.pdf]], [[bibtex|papers/simulation_foule_jfsma06_lacroix.bib]] and the [[long paper|papers/simulation_foule_submitted_jfsma06_lacroix.pdf]] initialy submitted)//

!! Presentations

Lacroix B. (2012). Application des Systèmes ~Multi-Agents aux Systèmes Energétiques. Séminaire de l’Ecole Centrale de Lille, France.

Lacroix B. (2012). [[Interview|papers/interview_inf-ose-12_lacroix.pdf]] for Inf'OSE, the journal of the Master on Energy Systems of the Mines ~ParisTech Graduate School, for a [[paper about Smart Buildings|papers/interview_and_article_inf-ose-12_lacroix.pdf]] writen by Thibault Perrigault.

Lacroix B. (2011). Systèmes Multi Agents et Intelligence Ambiante. Séminaire de l’Ecole Centrale de Lille, France.

Lacroix B. (2009). [[Managing Variety and Consistency of Agents Behaviors in Simulations.|papers/lacroix_benoit_cv_eurodocinfo09.pdf]] Presented at ~EuroDocInfo, Mons, Belgium, January 23-24. 

Lacroix B., Mathieu P., & Kemeny A. (2008). [[The Use of Norms Violations to Model Agents Behavioral Variety.|papers/norms_violations_coin-aamas-08_lacroix.pdf]] Presented at the 5th Workshop on Coordination, Organizations, Institutions and Norms in Agent Systems, held with AAMAS'08 (COIN@AAMAS'08), pp. 183-196, Estoril, Portugal. //(also available: [[presentation|papers/norms_violations_coin-aamas-08_slides_lacroix.pdf]] and [[bibtex|papers/norms_violations_coin-aamas-08_lacroix.pdf]])//

Lacroix B., Kemeny A., Mathieu P. & Rouelle V. (2008). [[Simulation de trafic et simulateurs de conduite.|papers/simulation_trafic_ntic08_slides_lacroix.pdf]] Presented at the Forum Systèmes & Logiciels pour les NTIC dans le transport, ~Marne-La-Vallée, France, January 31.

Lacroix B. (2007). Traffic Simulation at Renault. Presented at the ~SCANeR&copy; User Group Meeting, Naples, Italy, October 25-26.

!! Thesis

Lacroix B. (2009). [[Normer pour mieux varier ? La différenciation comportementale par les normes, et son application au trafic dans les simulateurs de conduite.|papers/thesis_lacroix_2009.pdf]] Ph.D. thesis, University of Lille, France. //(also available: [[presentation|papers/thesis_slides_lacroix_2009.pdf]])//

Lacroix B. (2006). [[La gestion du temps et de l'espace dans les simulations de foules.|papers/gestion_temps_espace_simulations_foules_lacroix_06.pdf]] Master's thesis report, University of Lille, France. //(also available: [[presentation|papers/gestion_temps_espace_simulations_foules_slides_lacroix_06.pdf]])//

!! Referee

Scientific Committee Member of ISA'11 and ISA'12
Program Committee Member of IFAAMAS'08 and IFAAMAS'10.
!!!! Reference times
10k : 41min52s
half-marathon : 1h34min12s
marathon : 3h32min49s

!! 2012

//2012-05: Trail des Maures (45km, 2600m D+) / Trail du Grand Lubéron / Trail du Nivolet Revard (51km, 2700m D+)//

//2011-07: [[Le Trail du Bout du Monde|http://www.trailduboutdumonde.com/]] (35km)//

!! 2011

2011-10-16: [[Marathon d'Amsterdam|http://www.amsterdammarathon.nl/]] 

2011-09-10: [[Trail de la Cote d'Opale|http://www.trailcotedopale.com/]] 2h52min41s (31km, 795m D+, 142/803)

2011-07-14: [[La Fleur du Roy|http://www.capvercors.com/capvercors9.1.html]], 1h05min58s (14km, 300m D+, 34/121)

2011-06-11: [[Castor Fou|http://castorfou.free.fr/]], 2h02min03s (23km, 500m D+)

2011-03-13: [[Semi-marathon de Rambouillet|http://rambouilletolympique.pagesperso-orange.fr/semimarathon/semimarathon.htm]], 1h34min12s

2011-01-09: [[Trail Blanc de Serre Chevalier|http://www.trailserrechevalier.com/]], 3h02min46 (30.1km, 750m D+, 134/413)

!! 2010

''2010-07-18: [[Sky Race - Chemin de Ronde|http://www.trailserrechevalier.com/]], 2h53min09s (24km, 800m D+, 56/324)''

''2010-06-26: [[Le Cross du Mont-Blanc|http://www.montblancmarathon.net/]],2h56min49s (23km, 1450m D+, 177/1301)''

2010-06-13: [[La Course du Chateau de Vincennes|http://www.sportpassionevenement.com/courses/coursechateau/]], 1h00min36s (10km)

2010-05-22: [[Le Petit Savoyard (Grand Raid 73)|http://grandraid73.fr/]], 3h10min54s (23km, 1450m D+, Chambery)

''2010-05-09: [[Foulées Cachanaises|http://www.ville-cachan.fr/vos-loisirs/rendez-vous-cachanais/rendez-vous-sportifs/foulees-cachanaises/]] 41min52s (10km, 59/231)''

''2010-04-18: [[Semi-marathon du lac d'Annecy|http://www.marathon-annecy.com/]] 1h34min29s (343/2745)''

2010-04-11: [[Les Foulées Meudonnaises|http://fouleemeudonnaise.unblog.fr/]], 1h03min05s (10km)

2010-03-28: [[Lyon Urban Trail|http://www.lyonurbantrail.com/]], 2h10min33s (22km, 800m D+)

''2010-02-08: [[Les Drayes Blanches|http://drayesblanches.com/]], 2h13min46s (23.5km, 620m D+, on snow, 82/240)''

!! 2009

''2009-09-27: [[Paris-Versailles|http://www.parisversailles.com/]], 1h14min06s (16km, 1634/18004)''

2009-09-20: [[10km de Lyon|http://www.runninglyon.com/]], 43min31s

2009-09-05: [[Semi-marathon de Lille Metropole|http://www.semimarathon-lille.fr/]], 1h50min25s

''2009-07-13: [[La Fleur du Roy|http://www.villarddelans.com/]], 1h07min04s (14km, 300m D+, 57/211)''

2009-06-13: [[Castor Fou|http://castorfou.free.fr/]], 2h18min29s (23km, 500m D+)

''2009-04-05: [[Marathon de Paris|http://www.parismarathon.com/]], 3h32min49s (6201/30334)''

2009-03-08: [[Semi-marathon de Paris|http://www.semideparis.com/]], 1h42min53s

2009-02-06: [[Les Foulées de Vincennes|http://www.sportpassionevenement.com/]], 1h07min46s (10km)

!! 2008

2008-09-27: [[Paris-Versailles|http://www.parisversailles.com/]], 1h26min49s (16km)
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a short presentation of myself and my work
Benoit Lacroix
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|Author|Eric Shulman|
|Description|show/hide right sidebar (SideBarOptions)|
<<tiddler ToggleRightSidebar>>
<<tiddler ToggleRightSidebar with: label tooltip>>
Try it: <<tiddler ToggleRightSidebar##show
	with: {{config.options.chkShowRightSidebar?'►':'◄'}}>>
config.options.chkShowRightSidebar (false)
config.options.txtToggleRightSideBarLabelShow (◄)
config.options.txtToggleRightSideBarLabelHide (►)
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	var sb=document.getElementById('sidebar');
	var da=document.getElementById('displayArea');
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'';}}>><html><nowiki><a href='javascript:;' title="$2"
	var co=config.options;
	var opt='chkShowRightSidebar';
	var show=co[opt]=!co[opt];
	var sb=document.getElementById('sidebar');
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	if (sb) {
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	var labelHide=co.txtToggleRightSideBarLabelHide||'&#x25BA;';
	if (this.innerHTML==labelShow||this.innerHTML==labelHide) 
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	var sm=document.getElementById('storyMenu');
	if (sm) config.refreshers.content(sm);
	return false;
%/<<tiddler {{
	var src='ToggleRightSidebar';
}} with: {{
	var co=config.options;
	var labelShow=co.txtToggleRightSideBarLabelShow||'&#x25C4;';
	var labelHide=co.txtToggleRightSideBarLabelHide||'&#x25BA;';
}} {{
	var tip=(config.options.chkShowRightSidebar?'hide':'show')+' right sidebar';
!! Context

The project was held at Renault’s [[Technical Center for Simulation|http://www.experts.renault.com/kemeny/]], in partnership with the [[Multi-Agents Systems and Behavior Team|http://www.lifl.fr/SMAC/]] of the [[Computer Science Laboratory of Lille|http://www.lifl.fr]]. One of the missions of the Technical Center for Simulation is to develop and use driving simulators for study and research. These simulators are used for experiments in ergonomics, validation of embedded systems, comfort, or for the design and the validation of car lightings systems. The objective is to improve the drivers’ security, while reducing costs and delays in vehicles development.

<object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="video/player_flv_maxi.swf" width="400px" height="300px">
     <param name="movie" value="player_flv_maxi.swf" />
     <param name="FlashVars" value="flv=traffic_generators_scaner.flv&amp;configxml=video/flv_config_maxi.xml" />
!! Issues

In simulators, the driver is immersed in a simulated traffic, which realism is crucial for the validity of the results: the more realistic the environment is perceived, the more significant the drivers' reactions are. The wide range of drivers’ behavior is an important criterion for this realism: on the road, we are used to meet aggressive drivers, careful ones, etc. 

In individual-centered approaches, like traffic simulation in our case, the agents' behavioral variety is an important realism criteria. The behaviors also have to be consistent: if aberrant situations appear, the simulation realism is strongly impacted. In this work, we adressed the issue of the simultaneous influence of these two elements. Furthermore, this work was led in an industrial context. This involved taking into account specific needs: the designed tools had to allow experts specifying various and consistent behaviors, and final users easily using them.

!! Results

In this work, we proposed a behavioral differentiation model, which provides the basis for a generic and non-intrusive tool allowing an out-of-the-agent design. The model involves three dimensions. First, it describes the agents' behaviors using norms. They provide a behavioral pattern during conception, and a compliance reference during execution. Then, the generation process of the behaviors allows the creation of deviant or violating agents, by influencing the determinism of the mechanism. Finally, the norms can be inferred from previous simulations records or real data, providing an analysis tool of the results and allowing automating the model configuration. 

We applied the model to the traffic simulation in [[SCANeR|http://www.scaner2.com]]&trade;, the driving simulation software developed and used at the Technical Center for Simulation of Renault. The developments carried out during the thesis introduced driving styles in the traffic (e.g. cautious or aggressive drivers) specified using norms. The behavioral realism of the traffic was improved, and the experimentations show how the model contributes to the variety and the representativeness of the produced behaviors. Today, the behavioral differentiation model is part of the commercial version of the driving simulation software.

!! Related publications

Lacroix, B., Mathieu, M., & Kemeny, A. (2009). [[Generating Various and Consistent Behaviors in Simulations.|papers/generating_behaviors_paams09_lacroix.pdf]] In: Demazeau, Y., Pavon, J., Corchado, J., & Bajo, J. (Eds.), 7th International Conference on Practical Applications of Agents and ~Multi-Agent Systems. Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing, vol. 55, pp. 110-119, Springer.

Lacroix, B., Mathieu, P., & Kemeny, A. (2008). [[A Normative Model for Behavioral Differentiation.|papers/normative_model_iat08_lacroix.pdf]] In Proceedings of the IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Intelligent Agent Technology, pp. 96-99, Sydney, Australia.

//In french:// Lacroix, B. (2009). [[Normer pour mieux varier ? La différenciation comportementale par les normes, et son application au trafic dans les simulateurs de conduite.|papers/thesis_lacroix_2009.pdf]] Ph.D. thesis, University of Lille, France.
Here are some details on my work experiences, also available in my resume in [[english|cv/cv_benoit_lacroix_en.pdf]] or [[french|cv/cv_benoit_lacroix_fr.pdf]].

!! Technical project leader in renewables energies

2010-current (1.5 years), [[CEA|http://www.cea.fr]], [[LIST|http://www-list.cea.fr]] (Paris Area, 6,000 persons, applied research center)
(French Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies Research Center) 

Led an applied research project on energy efficiency in buildings using new energy sources, including solar thermal collectors, heat pumps and solar PV. Applications: improve energy efficiency in homes, integration into the Smart Grid.

*Manage the collaborative project between the CEA and the French National Institute of Solar Energy (INES) : organize and lead meetings, establish user requirement specifications, define objectives and deadlines, evaluate the results
*Propose an innovative approach to optimize energy consumption in buildings using new energy sources such as solar thermal systems, solar PV and heat pumps
*Develop a prototype for a proof of concept based on the proposed approach (Java). Application to compact units providing heating, cooling and hot water in buildings
*Develop a procedure and train the clients on the new solution: design and organize workshops and presentation
*Contribute to grants applications within French and European research funding schemes
*Proposed a first solution to the clients in less than 4 months, using rapid prototyping
*Successful simulations led to the implementation on a physical test bench at INES
*Two scientific papers submitted in peer-reviewed international conferences, project featured in the CEA's corporate magazine, patent pending
[[More details|EnergyEfficiency]] on this project.

!! Applied research engineer

2006-2009 (3 years), [[RENAULT|http://www.renault.com]] , [[Technical Center for Simulation|http://www.experts.renault.com/kemeny]] (Paris Area, 9,000 persons, automotive industry)

Elaborated and developed an innovative traffic simulation model for Renault's driving simulators. Applications include drivers’ training to achieve more energy efficient driving behaviors and reduction in costs and delays in vehicles development.

__Technical skills:__ Developed innovative solutions to a fundamental and technological problem 
* implemented and improved artificial intelligence technics in a virtual reality context
* developed 3 software modules (C++) now included in the [[business version of the software|http://ww.scaner2.com]]
* published 5 peer reviewed scientific papers, presented 6 papers in international conferences (see [[publications|Publications]])
* used to team-work development on huge and complex software (~1M lines, version control system)
__Project management skills:__  Supported the execution of a research project (3 years, 8 persons)
* managed the collaborative project between Renault, the company co-owning the software ([[Oktal|http://www.oktal.fr]]) and the [[Computer Sciences Laboratory of Lille|http://www.lifl.fr]]: organized and led meetings, followed-up collaboration contracts, defined objectives and deadlines, evaluated the results 
*  initiated and coordinated collaborations with foreign partners ([[Italy|http://www.unina.it]], [[USA|http://www.prtassoc.com]])
__Management skills:__
* supervised various service suppliers contracts (40 k€/year), including specifications, project following, user acceptance testing, sign off on the deliverable
* managed Master's degree's student, including recruitment, training and evaluation
[[More details|TrafficSimulation]] on this project. 

!! Research engineer in artificial intelligence

2006 (6 months), [[Computer Sciences Laboratory of Lille|http://www.lifl.fr]] (Lille Area, 150 persons, research laboratory), in collaboration with [[Alstom|http://www.alstom.com]] (transportation industry) //(internship)//

Elaborated an innovative crowd simulation model. Applications: subway design, fire safety simulation

*Propose an innovative crowd simulation model
*Develop a software prototype demonstrating the approach (Java)
*Project selected by the industrial to pursue direct R&D investments
*Published 2 peer reviewed scientific papers as first author (see [[publications|Publications]])
[[More details|CrowdsSimulation]] on this project

!! Software engineer

2004-2005 (1 year 1 month), [[AUCHAN|http://www.auchan.com]], Human Ressources Information Systems (Lille, 200 persons, retail industry) //(gap year internship)//

* Support the deployment of a web-based integrated [[workforce management solution|http://www.amano-tcs.co.uk/pages/uk/our-solutions/workforce-management.php]] for the French and Luxembourgian regions (55,000 persons):
** France: in charge of the user acceptance testing and sign off on the deliverable for the employees' activities management project
** Luxembourg: elaborate the functional specifications, parameterize the integrated solution, and conduct the learning experience feedback to implement the project in company's other subsidiaries
* Design and develop a dynamic website for worldwide company users (administration of the Human Resources Datawarehouse, C#/~ASP.Net/~DB2).
*Responsible for the sign off on the deliverable for the French employees' activities management project
*Success of the Luxembourgian project led to a global deployment in the group
*Developed website currently used in 9 different countries
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            if (windowHeight-(contentHeight)>=0) {
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